New stuff



Hey everyone. Sorry for the lack of updates on this website. Trying to do regular updates on here is rather cumbersome and I just haven't had time lately to dedicate to it. I do however keep frequent updates on Instagram and Facebook so those would be the best platforms to find new stuff.

I have also started live stream sculpting on my Twitch channel. As of now my stream times are infrequent and erratic as I have to work around my work and school schedule, but as soon as the school semester is out I plan on streaming daily throughout the week.

Anyway, here is a pictorial shotgun blast of some of the stuff I have been working on as of late. 

Over the last servers months I have had the pleasure to be working with the amazing people at Incarnate Games on a new IP, Ascended Kings. Here is the first of the miniatures I have worked on, Dlone Kynazarr. These are being produced at 54mm scale and as such, the details are emphasized to read at that scale. More to come in the following days.

Here is my character design for the Talenthouse, Ready Player One character design contest. The design was fortunate enough to be among those selected for the film. I am a fan of the source material and Spielberg's work (who isn't) so I am pretty happy.

It was a last minute decision on my part to join in the contest and didn't have a lot of time to work on him but I am pretty happy with how he turned out. The character was inspired by a conversation my girlfriend and I had about the nature of the contest. His name is $$$_Grubber_$$$, I will just leave it at that.


Valerian Alien



Wow, just wow! Lucy Besson just posted this on Instagram. Super cool to see my design made real. Kudos to the Valerian costume and fabrication team! I can't believe the detail and fidelity to which they replicated my original design. Wish I could see this bad boy in person.


Star Wars Day



Did this sculpture of my all-time favourite Star Wars character yesterday for Star Wars day. Also this past weekend I had the opportunity to meet the amazing Terryl Whitlatch, and is seemed appropriate to use one of her original concept drawings of my all-time favourite character to guide me.


Done re-detailing on (what is now officially named Winston Copperknob) orc guy. The standard grey resin material of the Form1+ 3D printer is some pretty tough stuff, great for sanding but it chips and shatters easily, so it is troublesome to touch up direct. I decided to mold the 3D print and cast in Chavant NSP and treat it like any other traditional sculpt. The print lines were fairly minimal in most areas and clean up with a little bit of rubbing alcohol as a solvent was easy. A few areas were badly striated and needed a complete resculpt thought. Also many of the small details were lost and needed to be redone or exaggerated. On to final molding and casting


Video turnaround




Hey everyone. It has been quite awhile since I updated the site. It was running like garbage and was a huge pain to alter or update so I have migrated over to some newer and more streamlined web tools. Hopefully everything should be running more smoothly, especially on mobile devices. 

The store page is not yet up. I have some projects and other commitments on the go that don't allow me the time needed to fulfil orders and such. I will have it up and running around mid May with some new kits and statues. 

I will be exhibiting at Monzterpalooza again this year in Pasadena, April 22 - 24, so if you are hanging around come say Hi. I will also be at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment expo April 28 - May 1st. I have a piece in the art book and charity auction this year so if you are one of the autograph collecting types, swing by booth U02 and I will try my best to draw something that doesn't suck in your book for you. 

Anyway, here is some new stuff I have been working on, at least the new stuff I can share at the moment. 





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