Hey everyone. It has been quite awhile since I updated the site. It was running like garbage and was a huge pain to alter or update so I have migrated over to some newer and more streamlined web tools. Hopefully everything should be running more smoothly, especially on mobile devices. 

The store page is not yet up. I have some projects and other commitments on the go that don't allow me the time needed to fulfil orders and such. I will have it up and running around mid May with some new kits and statues. 

I will be exhibiting at Monzterpalooza again this year in Pasadena, April 22 - 24, so if you are hanging around come say Hi. I will also be at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment expo April 28 - May 1st. I have a piece in the art book and charity auction this year so if you are one of the autograph collecting types, swing by booth U02 and I will try my best to draw something that doesn't suck in your book for you. 

Anyway, here is some new stuff I have been working on, at least the new stuff I can share at the moment. 



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