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The Art of Andrew Martin

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Had I known the internet was going to show up to the party I would have bought more beer

The last few days have been crazy. Thank you to everyone who linked my site on their blogs and social news sites.

Here are some shots of some projects I was working on; going to be a little postponed trying to fill everyones orders. On the upside; no ramen for me this week.


Salarian Painted

Spent this lovely sunday avoiding my school work and painting one of these little guys. More on the Salarian galley page.



Salarian Bust - First Casting

Just pulled the first casting.

Do your part to stop the reaper invasion and get one now. Available now in your favourite Citadel store


Salarian Bust

Thanks everyone who took interest in the Salarian head I posted a few weeks ago. I received quite a few emails from people looking to obtain said Salarian head, but I couldn’t let just one person have him and leave the rest of you out in the cold. I put a little more love into him and I think I have something all you ME fan should enjoy. Molding it tomorrow and I should have some casting ready for you all by the weekend.




For those of you who do not know me I am a bit of a gaming geek, and no, not kind that call everyone “brah” and exclaim over my headset how much more of a faggot everyone else is than me, while I play this years latest instalment of mindless contemporary war themed game. I like a challenge, and if that challenge comes along with gorgeous visuals, a glorious soundtrack, and an engrossing story driven by unforgettable characters I’m a happy guy. Games like Shadow of the colossus, Baldurs gate, Team Fortress 2, and Mass Effect. Unfortunately it seems to be a trend these days for big publishers to ruin these could be masterpieces by cutting out certain elements of there games and sell them to the consumers as DLC. For those of you who know what DLC is you already know what I am talking about and for those who do not, it is very much akin to a book publisher cutting the last few chapters of a crime novel or the hot and steamy parts of a romance novel and selling them to the consumer for an additional fee. Yeas there is some worth while DLC but I am talking about the Day 1 DLC bullshit that publishers are pulling. The excuse is always “the content was developed after the game was complete and we didn’t have time to add it in before the shipping date.” Oh really? Funny that you had time to add the concept art and images of that so called recently developed material in the art book that came with the game isn’t it.

This appears to be the case with what EA and Bioware are doing with the release of Mass Effect 3, which comes out today and I
won’t be purchasing. I won’t get into the specifics but they have crossed a line and I cannot and will not support a company that treats its customers in the manner they do.

It pains me not to play Mass Effect 3. I love the universe they have created. The last two instalments have been some of the best experiences I have had in gaming, in fact most Bioware games. But I wont play this one, anyway to sort of come to terms with that I made a little alien bust based on one of the alien races from the Mass Effect universe.


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