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The Art of Andrew Martin

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Irenicus availible to order.

Got all my molding done so if anyone is interested, Irenicus is available on the store page. As with the Innsmouth look, it is it available as a resin kit and also a faux-bronze statue. I have also added a gallery page with that includes some finished and WIP shots.

I did a few touch-ups on the sculpture before casting. Nothing too major; re-worked the neck, added some more metaly bits and fixed a few blemishes.

Ah yes, In celebration of this new sculpture, I have lowered the price on the Innsmouth Look kit and faux-bronze by $10.


Jon Irenicus - DONE -

I have been working on and off of this guy for the last few months and final finished him up today.

I have had his face done for quite a while and have been fiddling around with the base and details on the chest for far too long. I was mostly hung up on the base. It is so easy just to stick a sculpt on a generic knob thing and call it done, but I find, especially with busts, the base has to provide context for the character. For instance, if you saw a bunch of swastikas on the base, it would greatly change the way you would perceived the character. Same thing would go If you saw rainbows, flowers, and puppies; the base illustrates the characters essence to the viewer. For instance before I sculpted the base for this guy, people who saw him would comment on how good of a portrayal of Pinhead it was. I would explain to them that it is not Pinhead,I don’t really like Pinhead, and that Pinhead can go shove his pointy melon up his own ass for all I care. I haven’t had anyone make that misjudgement since I added the base.

Yes, there is an argument to be made about leaving the interpretation up to the viewer so they can project inner feelings and expunge emotional ..........blah blah blah, and all that crap , but sculpture is another form of illustration so having a banal mundane sculptural support system serves the purpose, but I would consider that a missed opportunity. Take this character for instance, I don’t expect many (if any) of you are familiar with him so here is a quick back story.

Jon Irenicus, a powerful elf mage that sought to obtain the power of the elven gods. In punishment, the gods stripped him of his elfdom (elven equivalent of humanity). Seeking vengeance , he corrupted and twisted his body and soul with the in the pursuit of power.

I was going for a base that reflects the characters nature and inner being. A once magnificent tree, tortured and tainted.
Experimented upon now has bits of metal, wire and machinery contrasted against its natural form. Corrupted beauty, much like Irenicus himself (gods, I hate writing this crap). Anyway, it took me awhile to figure out exactly what i was going to do and re-sculpted it a couple of times.

but This was a personal piece andI don’t expect many people to be interested purchasing a casting, but I am casting one for myself anyway so I don’t see why I shouldn’t make a few extras for those interested. I should have it molded and have castings by the end of the week for those interested.


Bunch O' stuff

Sorry again for the lack of updates. I have sort of fallen out of the habit of doing the “daily micro busts” lately; not so much daily anymore, more “whenever I feel like or remember to do micro busts”. Ah yes, before I forget. I added a new sculpture and some in progress photos to the gallery pages.

Anyway here is one I did as a little conceptual study for a competition the Shiflett brother have going on their
forum right now. The theme is Monster Rider and this is an idea for one of the monsters.

I was not happy with the micro bust, it didn’t really capture the feeling I was going for so I did another sculpt in a larger format. It is closer to what I want.

Also, I have been experimenting with some casting and painting techniques and these are some of the results. I am not a very experienced painter and did this first guy just as practice really. The second one was an experiment casting cold-cast bronze. Had a few air bubbles but turned out mostly ok.


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