Lying Cat Painted-up



Pretty shots of old things

Can’t sleep. Messing around with camera and some older works I haven’t photographed properly.



New stuff

Been very busy lately trying to get some new stuff ready for the looming convention season ahead. As much as I hate saying this, it seems to be easier to keep my Facebook page more up to date than this blog, so if you are keen to do so it can be found at or the button link in the top left. This blog isn’t going anywhere but it may lag behind a few weeks or months from time to time.

It took a bit of time to work out the kinks in the mold but here it is, the first casting of lying cat. It stills needs a bunch of cleanup and seaming work but I hope to able to paint this up sometime this weekend. For those of you that have expressed interest in purchasing one of the resin kits they are still going to be few weeks out, I will email you individually once I have pricing and timeframe nailed down.

Also a one off bronze sculpture thats in the works, a new monster bust, and some fun with a laser cutter.

Lying Cat_firstcast




Skull printed, detailed, molded, and cast

Some casting of one of the 3d printed skulls. Took a bit of work to clean up the raw 3d printed skull; several coats of primer, sanding, detailing with wax, surface re-texturing, re-sculpting more details and then on to the ever fun molding and casting. Overall not a terrible process but a bit dull. The first pic if just cast in grey resin and the second is a faux bone attempt. Going to be try casting this guy in a bunch of different materials.


Tweeks and a drawing

A little more refinement on the skull and an iPad drawing just exploring some horn ideas.Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 8.43.04 PMIMG_0098